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Basic information about the cemetery, right commercial spaces

Enter the name of the deceased

and a path to the grave will show up It will also show you who else is buried at that location You can upload the pat with the help of a QR code to your mobile phone

Add featured news…

Guide of case of a death…

Have you ever wanted to visit the grave of your good friend? Me too. Well …

The answer is simple: with the help of the EnMemoro info point you can find the way to the deceased in a minute.

Why your cementary not be one of the first in the EU, who has a modern and attractive manner and will be proud of your city. Last but not least, you can refresh your memory of your deceased friend and read his resume. The cemetery informs visitors about other useful information such as current funerals, cemetery services, contact details, working hours, …

How to do it:

  1. At the cemetery we check and update the database of the deceased
  2. Set up an info point that is in line with the architectural design of your cemetery and the price?

The entire design is almost entirely covered by the savings that we achieve with a better overview of the tenants of graveyard sites. By present experience, you add somewhere between 5% to 7% of new tenants to the base, which refunds the investment in a year or two.


Call immediately and request exhaustive information!


Explore the world’s cutting-edge tools for a user-friendly cemetery! In the case of an electronic application, you will receive a 10% discount!!! The investment will be repaid within a few months.